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5 Reasons for Google AdWords PPC Campaign Failure

shutterstock_396300304PPC (pay per click) advertising campaigns can be incredibly effective as a digital marketing strategy. The use of PPC ads can help to drive web traffic and sales in addition to providing helpful keyword data. However, if you don’t run your PPC ad campaign properly, it could end up failing. The following are five common reasons why PPC ad campaigns often fail:

1. You’re sending traffic to your homepage

Sending traffic to your homepage from your PPC ad is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. It requires your lead to search around for whatever it was that your ad was promoting – and the last thing you should do is send them on some frustrating quest. Each PPC ad should direct your leads to a landing page created specifically for that ad. Otherwise, you’re wasting their time and your time.

2. You’re not using the right keywords

If you’re not using keywords that are relevant to your ads, then you won’t be attracting the types of leads you want. For example, if your keyword is “Apple computer repair in Boston,” but your ad is promoting a used iPhone buyback program, you will severely hurt your chances of clicks, much less conversions.

3. You don’t know what your customer wants

It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to promote an upcoming sale or are simply testing out keywords for your SEO strategy, if you don’t know what your audience actually wants then you won’t be able to target them effectively, which will end up dooming your ad campaign.

4. You’re not tracking your conversions

If you’re not tracking your ad conversions, then your PPC ads might as well be flyers that you’re handing out at the mall. You’ll have no idea whether they were successful or not and whether they drove any sales. You should be set up for conversion tracking from the beginning of the campaign so that you can track things like click-through rates, conversion rate and cost per conversion.

By tracking these metrics, you’ll be able to identify what is and isn’t working for your ads, whether it’s the use of poor keywords, poor content or poor landing pages, to name a few possibilities.

5. You’re making too many changes

Optimizing your ad campaign as it’s running is a good idea, especially as you track your metrics in order to determine how you can adjust your ads to make them perform better. But making too many changes can be detrimental to your ad campaign. If you make daily changes; for example, if you keep promoting different things every day using your PPC ads, you won’t be able to effectively track the data those ads are providing, which will make it extremely difficult to figure out what’s working and what isn’t.

PPC ad campaigns can be an extremely useful part of your digital marketing strategy. However, to ensure that your PPC ads don’t fail, you need to avoid making these five common mistakes.