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Difference Between SEO and PPC

shutterstock_389135896As a new or existing business in this modern world, many of the different ways of advertising may seem unfamiliar to you, yet to be successful in this internet age, having a basic understanding of how to increase traffic to your website is paramount.

Directing the flow of traffic to your site is the most important aspect of advertising when trying to establish or expand your business online. There are two main ways a business can use the search engine to accomplish this task, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or the PPC (Pay Per Click) method.

Although both of these methods share similar principles by directing traffic to your web site via search engines that will list the results according to their rank from previous searches, they differ in quite a few ways as well. This ranking system can be increased in your favor as more people visit the site, by links to other sites, or a prime list position may be purchased.

Basically, the SEO is a free method that uses key words and phrases to bring a customer to their page. The more “hits” on the page, the higher your web site will rank in the search engine. But for a new business, this can be a long, tedious process with your business ranking on the low end of the search.

If instant recognition for your business is desired, then you may want to consider using the PPC method. This method costs more than the free SEO method, but by paying the search engine providers, your business will be listed at or near the top of the first page, often in a highly visible format.

With the PPC method, you only pay when your potential customers hit on your link. A big advantage the PPC method has over the SEO is the flexibility it offers your business by posting your ad in related fields of interest.

This type of advertising can be controlled to appeal to a specific type of audience, not just a key word or phrase. The PPC site will place your ad on other sites that are relevant to what your business does or sells. For example, a gym or health club can place ads on sites not directly related to their business but where they have common themes, such as health journals or sites related to fitness equipment.

By placing your ads on these relevant sites will yield a higher volume of quality traffic than with the traditional SEO methods. While a SEO will result in more diverse, often unrelated, hits, than a PPC site, the quality of the hit is not as high as with a pay site where customers are directed to you specifically.

It is recommended for a beginning small business to advertise using the PPC method, as this will instantly bring your service or product immediate attention. Then after brand recognition has been gained with consumers, switch to the SEO format where you will be near the top of searches.