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Easy Gym Advertising Strategies

shutterstock_294644360In today’s information-driven economy, learning how to advertise your gym is one of the most important skills for any gym owner to learn. This doesn’t just apply to gyms, either- every business leader needs to know how to take advantage of the latest tools available to get their business proper exposure.

There are multiple things to consider when doing gym advertising. Let’s talk about the basic tenets that you need to follow in order to succeed.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO is a term often tossed around in advertising, but how does it pertain to gym advertising? Let’s discuss what SEO is for a moment.

Search Engine Optimization is the practice of optimizing your website for proper search engine exposure. Proper SEO includes paying close mind to keywords, having mobile-friendly webpages, posting regular content, and not having resource-intensive page elements, like Java plugins. In gym advertising, the keywords you want to perform your SEO optimization around should be something like “gyms in [area]”, or “best gym [area]”, so that people using search engines to look for gyms near them will find your site.

In addition, establishing a presence on Google Maps will help. You can easily claim your own business location and add details like contact information, photos of the establishment and more.

Video Marketing

Videos are a pretty big deal. Creating video advertisments for your site or partners can help you engage your desired customers if the content is made particularly well. Videos typically benefit from presenting all the key information in a short format (no longer than a few minutes- time is precious) while being entertaining. Internet humor can be a hard thing to nail down since it’s always changing, so try and tap into local trends and sensibilities when making your advertisements, since that’s the audience you want to get to.

These video advertisements can be used online or in local TV spots. Whichever route you choose, try to make an advertisement that grabs your audience’s attention without boring them or turning them off. Flat monotones won’t sell your business, and neither will over-the-top advertising that isn’t played for laughs.

PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Advertisements

Back to the online presence, PPC advertisements are a pretty big deal. You can work with your own advertising partners or use services from Google or Amazon to get your ads out there, where you’ll only have to pay for them if users click them. In addition, you can use advertisements on your own websites to feed you money to help pay for hosting, allowing you to keep a strong web presence, which is more important than ever in the modern day.

Gym advertising may seem difficult if you’re just starting out- however, this advice should hopefully get you started. For more, head to our website at Gym Marketing Gurus.