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How to do SEO for my website?

shutterstock_422770525Looking to boost the exposure of your health club or gym? The best way to do this is through the Internet, as most people in the area are going to search out a potential location with a general search. In order to reach towards the top of these searches you need to incorporate SEO tactics into your website. Short for search engine optimization, SEO makes your website more attractive to engines like Google, which places you higher on the search results. If you are new to the world of Internet marketing and SEO, here are a few tips for how you yourself can introduce SEO to your website.

Video and Media Marketing

How does video marketing allow you to boost your SEO? In several ways, actually. First, having a video on your website draws more interest to a visitor. You can provide more information in a two minute video than a paragraph of text, and people are more likely to watch two minutes of video than read a block of text. Plus, with the short video, you can list it on Google and YouTube through the video search engine. This helps someone find your website in not just a traditional text search but video as well.

Bringing in pictures works in a similar manor as video. While you can’t place the images on YouTube, by tagging specific keywords to the picture, people can find your website through an image search. The more ways people can find your website, the better off you’ll be.

Improve Web Design

The overall look of your website plays an important role in search engine ranking. First, you need a clean, easy to navigate look. If users find your website convoluted with material, including too much text and an unorganized appearance, visitors will not return and Google will not rate the website highly due to the bogged down nature of the website. Additionally, Google and other search engines consider load time when ranking your site. Too much information and bloated coding slows down the website, which drags down your load time.

Location Targeting

Your gym or health club targets people in your general area. After all, while it is great to have visitors from New York when you’re in Seattle, it doesn’t do you much good. It is why you need to use target locations within your website. This helps boost the SEO of your website within the regional location. There are a few ways to do this. First, make sure to include your address whenever possible. Place it as the footer of your website. This helps source your location, which will boost location SEO. Also, provide a link to Google Maps (or include the imagery itself on your website) for directions to your location. Connecting your site to Google is always a good idea for boosting search engine optimization. Also, make sure within your descriptive text and call to action to include the different towns and communities you service, which helps boost your website exposure.