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PPC Marketing – 5 Great Tips To Help You Save Money On Your Ad …

shutterstock_93526387With the wide open possibilities inherent in the PPC marketing world, it can be easy to lose sight of your goals and get overwhelmed by the vast number of options during the planning phase. In many cases, users who are new to PPC marketing take on more than they can handle and end up wasting many of their marketing dollars on ineffective ads and irrelevant search queries. Here are the top five ways your for to trim down your PPC campaign to save money.

  1. Be Specific – When you begin choosing keywords for your ad campaign, the PPC provider will also ask you whether you want searches to only look for exact matches or if you want to allow broad matches or portions of phrases. While Google promises that most of those broad matches will be relevant to your market, they cannot ensure that you will not overlap into other unrelated industries. Each click by a customer that isn’t looking for the services you provide is wasted, so make sure you narrow down your results to only the closest matches.
  2. Group Your Keywords – Whether you provide a single service or five different services, you probably have many different keywords that you want to use. Creating new ads for all twenty keywords is a waste of time and energy. Instead, focus on creating two or three high quality ads that address a whole group of keywords that are interrelated. Overlap between multiple services will increase your returns for any single ad and boost customer follow through.
  3. Target Your Ads – While you are setting up the higher level options for your PPC project, it is worth looking into the controls you have over targeting. If you are a local service provider, posting ads to people outside of your region will probably not earn you any return. If your ads are running through the night or during times of day when your products are not in high demand, you could be wasting precious marketing dollars. Trim down your marketing efforts to only your immediate surroundings and your normal business hours to prevent wasted clicks when you aren’t available.
  4. Learn About Negative Keywords – Negative keywords are words like “free” or “cheap” that inherently devalue your product or service from the beginning. If customers are looking for free or cheap products, and you provide neither, they will come to your site and immediately leave when they realize you don’t have any handouts. Use your PPC controls to block searches for negative keywords to ensure that your visitors are intent on buying.
  5. Never Stop Learning – Google Analytics and search query data is available to you on an ongoing basis to track your performance. Never stop adjusting and revising your ads to fit customer’s expectations as you learn what is and is not working for you. Every day that you run a poor ad is wasted money that could be better spent. PPC is a fluid and dynamic marketing strategy that allows for high returns when used effectively.