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Why PPC Is Imperative

shutterstock_138803180Whether you’re local or global, big-time or small, niche or mainstream, your business has something to gain from a strong PPC campaign. Perhaps the single most versatile online marketing tool available to businesses, there’s no strategy pay-per-click can’t supplement, and several wholly dependent upon it. To understand why good pay-per-click is imperative for your business, whatever it may be, just consider these five advantages it offers:

1) Drive pre-qualified traffic to your site

The simplest reason to get into PPC is one every business can benefit from: more and better prospects for your business. Whatever you’re selling or hoping to accomplish, a properly built pay-per-click campaign can deliver qualified leads to you with an efficacy and efficiency few other marketing approaches can. Many businesses’ first experience with PPC, as a cudgel delivering traffic based on vague search terms, sours them on this possibility and blinds them to the possible ROI. But in the hands of an expert, and in combination with proper research and site development, pay-per-click has immense potential.

2) Shut out competitors

If you’re not advertising for a phrase on Google and other search engines, some competitor will be taking that spot instead. So even if you’re comfortable with your current position against the competition, defensive pay-per-click is imperative to maintaining that position; without PPC, you’re surrendering a huge and growing percentage of interested prospects to other businesses. It may not be the most exciting reason to get into a field of marketing, but it’s an important one.

3) Learn more about your market

Combined with modern analytics solutions, a pay-per-click campaign can be a powerful marketing research tool, giving you vital information on segments within your market, what sorts of customers best convert, and directions you can expand your business. The ease of experimentation with PPC also makes it a convenient way to test the waters before implementing slower, more involved online marketing approaches.

4) Respond to opportunities with agility

When news lands that impacts your industry, your product, your market, the speed of PPC means you can capitalize upon the opportunities which arise within hours. Nothing can compete with that agility—which means that if you’re savvy enough and react quickly enough, you can beat out your competition effortlessly every time something exciting happens. With agility so crucial to so many businesses today, PPC becomes a mandatory tool.

5) Strengthen your branding

Even if you’re not getting clicks, a pay-per-click campaign can be a savvy way to develop brand recognition; by putting your site, your business, your advertising alongside top-tier competitors within the same market, you build credibility and legitimacy for your brand. That’s a potent tool for any business.

Convinced yet? This is only the tip of the iceberg. Savvy businesses can do much, much more with pay-per-click; it’s as deep and broad a tool as you’re willing to make it. Do your homework, think about what you stand to gain, and make the right decision for your bottom line.